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Catalog of Publications

This is a catalog listing of Robert Tell's six full length published books and three audiobooks. For more information about each of them please click the appropriate menu tab above or the cover photo below.


Nanobe  (Murder in the OR). When 6 hospital patients die mysteriously from Rapidly Progressive Dementia, Harry Grouch is hired to investigate the cause. Is it a biological accident involving a new and mysterious pathogen, or is it murder using a unique murder weapon, a nanobe: a tiny organism that may or may not be alive but, if living, would be the smallest form of life, 1/10 the size of the smallest known bacteria? The Harry Grouch Mystery Series #2 (Book and e-book).



The Witch of Maple Park is an Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize finalist and FIRST RUNNER UP in the Ebook Fiction category. It is compelling fiction inspired by a true story. On Christmas Eve, 1843, a woman is brutally axe murdered. Her sister-in-law, Polly Bodine, is accused of the killing and branded the "Witch of Staten Island." In 1993, this history is re-imagined with the victim's sister-in-law, Polly Marlowe, branded as the "Witch of Maple Park." Is it reincarnation or prevarication? Surprise awaits as the dour private eye, Harry Grouch, unravels the astonishing parallels in the tales of the two Polly's. See Editorial Review. The Harry Grouch Mystery Series #1 (Book, e-book & audiobook)


Thirsty Planet Cover 10-13

Thirsty Planet is a Montaigne Medal Finalist Award novel for thought provoking fiction. In 2121 Moss Leder flees across Canada one heart-pounding step ahead of his enemies. Earth is in trouble. People kill for drinking water. Leder's innovative time booth holds the key to the planet's renewal. His enemies fear his scheme will destroy their black market water cartel and try to stop him. An epic battle in the ancient tunnel under the Detroit River determines his destiny, and the Earth’s. (Book, e-book & audiobook)


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Dementia DiaryA Caregiver's Journal will lift your spirits if you are an Alzheimer's Disease (or another dementia) caregiver. For 15 years, Robert Tell was his widowed Mom's caregiver as her mind and personality disappeared into the fog of vascular dementia. He tells the tale with compassion and humor In this full length, fast moving and intimate memoir. His lesson: Caregiver burn-out can be overcome. (Book, e-book & audiobook)


The Medical Director's Divorce and other storiesA baby with breast cancer? A disgruntled morgue attendant! A medical chief who self-destructs! Today's complex hospitals are places where life and death events occur around the clock, where love affairs happen, where ambition gets thwarted, and where greed and ego can motivate action—just like in other human activities. This is a collection of dramatic tales about hospital staff. And much more. (e-book)



Police Story (and Other Spooky Story Poems) are  lighthearted verse adventures for children of all ages. Read them out loud on Halloween, around the campfire, or anytime just for fun. A Werewolf stalks New York in "Police Story." "Gorfagog" is a thirty-ton monster frog. "Why the Willow Weeps" explains the mythological origins of the weeping willow. "Higby Hyscorer," is off to the moon again. And in "Halloween Golf," a skull is found in the bunker at the 14th hole. Enjoy. (e-book)


(All above books are © copyright Robert Tell)